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Who we are

From the beginning of its activity, the company has built its success and loyal customer
base on honesty, reliability and competitive pricing. The former two are essential in a fast
changing market such as the global illumination systems market, while the latter
is a direct result of the fact that FOTODIASTASI manufactures its products in its privately
owned facilities in Greece and Bulgaria!

Nowadays, Paleohorinos family continues to run the company guided by the values
and vision that drove them to establish the company in the first place.

is a family owned business

The company was established in 1987 by Giannis Paleohorinos
and throughout the years has managed to become one of the
most successful and respected manufacturers in the world.

FOTODIASTASI has manufactured seasonal luminaries since 1987 when Paleohorinos Giannis founded the company.

Over the years, our customers have come to rely on FOTODIASTASI for our quality lighting products, quick deliveries, competitive prices and most of all for our personalized service. FOTODIASTASI is well known throughout the world and

provides a big range of professional decorative lighting for outdoor or indoor use.
Global expansion in manufacturing and sales has only made the family invest even more in building personal relationships with the customers while, at the same time, offering top quality products and services.

360° View

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What we offer

At FOTODIASTASI we are passionate to create beautiful projects wherever metal shape meets light!
Based on the above, we love to work with like minded people in order to create unique illuminations that are functional yet beautiful and impressive.
Since 1987, we have created thousands of lights and projects for towns, cities, shopping malls etc. throughout the world!
In more detail, here’s what we guarantee to deliver to all our customers:

  Complete Project Management

  Creative & Revolutionary Design

  Manufacturing from scratch

  Reliable Installation



Full Services

FOTODIASTASI illumination is a one-stop shop!
We aim to offer 360o services to all our customers so that they can enjoy the best products, on time and with the best pricing.
All our departments from Sales, Marketing and Purchasing to Shipping & Receiving and Quality Control are structured to work as one in order to deliver unique and complete projects to each and every one of  our customers.


We are characterized from a constant need to improve our products, our procedures and of course develop our people!
Our team of experts is skilled in led semiconductor illumination, mainly developing and manufacturing  indoor and outdoor led decorative lighting.
They are frequently trained in the latest technologies and trends and utilize the best products and the most efficient procedures available.


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