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Market Sectors


We bring fairytales to life

Wherever lighting decoration is needed, FOTODIASTASI is there to combine light and metal and bring fairytales to life.

Over the years, our expertise in large scale and demanding projects has led us to become one of the leading manufacturers in lighting decorations for:
Public Areas
Recreational Venues
Commercial Venues

Each sector is characterized by its own special needs while all of them demand exceptional projects within strict deadlines and cost restrictions. In FOTODIASTASI, we micro-analyze each project as the unique case as it actually is. Who is it for? What does it represent? What is its purpose? What are the technical and cost requirements? What is the concept?

market sectors

Public Areas

Public space illumination is all about emotions! From squares and monuments to decorating a whole town, FOTODIASTASI illuminations can offer exquisite decorations that can bring out the warm feeling of community.

  • Villages, Towns, Cities
  • Squares-Bridges-Monuments
  • Public buildings
  • Christmas & Festive markets
  • Shopping areas
  • Public transport areas
  • Airports

Recreational Venues

Light is an attraction on its own! FOTODIASTASI illuminations is here to offer an amazing concept for your venue that will create the most welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

  • Amusement parks
  • Sports arenas & Stadiums
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Castles
  • Events
  • Ski areas
  • Health clubs & Spas

Commercial Venues

Attracting customers has a new dimension! Quality and creativity are eye-catching and consumers appreciate both in decoration when shopping. We have some great decorative concepts and illumination ideas for your avenue and we are ready to share!

  • Shopping Centers
  • Outlet stores
  • Retail chains
  • Company Headquarters
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Car Parks
  • Banks & Insurance buildings

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