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Public Areas

Public Areas


Public space illumination is all about emotions!
Imagine a town square on Christmas Eve without any installation, without any light…

Can you?

Of course you can’t and if you do, the sight is rather depressing!

Illumination systems bring out the warm feeling of a community and turn every public area into a cozy place both for visitors and for locals. Additionally, the lights that spread around the night canvas create the perfect scenery for every season and have the amazing ability to bring out the best attributes of every public place and of every community.



Every public area has its own, unique, characteristics. At FOTODIASTASI we love to come up with revolutionary and creative concepts that are specifically designed to bring out these characteristics and light up not only streets and places but also moods and faces!


Our facilities are designed to accommodate the manufacturing of every particle that is necessary in order to bring our designs to life. Quality is always our number one priority and our processes and materials used are constantly under firm controls.


Safety restrictions always guide our processes and our manufacturing. At FOTODIASTASI we constantly re-evaluate the above in order to assure the safety of our people and of course of the areas that will accommodate our projects.


When it comes to public areas decoration, best allocation of the available resources is very important. That is why at FOTODIASTASI we always try to come up with cost effective solutions and concepts that are, nevertheless, beautiful and functional!

At FOTODIASTASI we are dedicated to create unique designs and concepts that are best suited to any public area.

Ideas and concepts are turned into reality in our privately owned facilities offering unique installations to any:

Square, Bridge & Monument

Public Building

Christmas & Festive Market

Shopping Area

Public Transport Area


market sectors

Recreational Venues

Light is an attraction on its own! FOTODIASTASI illuminations is here to offer an amazing concept for your avenue that will create the most welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Commercial Venues

Attracting customers has a new dimension! Quality and creativity are eye-catching and consumers appreciate both in decoration when shopping. We have some great decorative concepts and illumination ideas for your avenue and we are ready to share!


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