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Recreational Venues

Recreational Venues

There is no proper recreation without illumination!

Recreational venues are well known for their impressive and extravagante lighting decorations. In this kind of venue, light is almost always an attraction on its own. For that reason, the lighting decorations should be perfect in their every little detail. The concept and its execution should inspire the guests to visit the venue and bring out a feeling of happiness, joy and… magic!


Each and every recreational venue is a unique illumination challenge! At FOTODIASTASI we take into account the distinctive characteristics of every venue, both technical and aesthetic, and love to brainstorm innovative concepts that are specifically designed to best serve each venue!


Our facilities are designed to accommodate the manufacturing of every particle that is necessary in order to bring our designs to life. Quality is always our number one priority and our processes and materials used are constantly under firm controls.


Safety restrictions always guide our processes and our manufacturing. At FOTODIASTASI we constantly re-evaluate the above in order to assure the safety of our people and of course of the venues that will accommodate our projects.


In recreational venue illumination, reliability is key. These projects should be impressive, functional and unique. Most importantly, they should be delivered within strict deadlines! At FOTODIASTASI, we commit ourselves to deliver the most remarkable and inspiring projects on time and fully functional.

At FOTODIASTASI we always seek the latest trends in decorative lighting in order to be able to offer extraordinary projects to every recreational venue we manage.

Our team is happy to meet with new clients and find together the solutions that will best bring out the characteristics of each project.

In the same mentality, our designers are always up to a good creative challenge!

As a result, we take great pride in offering one of a kind projects that attract more and more guests in the world’s most famous:

Amusement Parks

Sports Arenas & Stadiums

Hotels & Restaurants


Ski areas

Health Clubs & Spas

market sectors


Light is an attraction on its own! FOTODIASTASI illuminations is here to offer an amazing concept for your avenue that will create the most welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Commercial Venues

Attracting customers has a new dimension! Quality and creativity are eye-catching and consumers appreciate both in decoration when shopping. We have some great decorative concepts and illumination ideas for your avenue and we are ready to share!


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