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  • We are proud to have been UK distributors for FOTODIASTASI for over 15 years. The hallmark of our success in the UK has been our commitment to our customers. To achieve and consistently maintain this, product quality, price, availability and customer service especially in such a seasonal environment is essential. FOTODIASTASI shares the same level of commitment to all of these critical elements.

    Everyone at FOTODIASTASI has a genuine passion for this industry and their strength as a world class manufacturer comes from consistent investment in purpose built factories with the latest machinery and processes. Together with continual new product design and development, consistent manufacture of quality products and delivery, competitive pricing, marketing support with integrity, efficient structured customer service routes with an effective communication process and a short harmonious command chain makes FOTODIASTASI for us good business sense and also a great pleasure to work and partner with.

    Paul Taylor
    United Kingdom
  • We have represented FOTODIASTASI for the last 19 years in the Belgium market. When I place an order with FOTODIASTASI whether it is large or small for my local or national customers, I rest assured that I will be completely 100% pleased. I have high standards for myself and my clients and I know I can trust FOTODIASTASI to keep these standards high. I can honestly and confidently give my seal of approval to FOTODIASTASI. I have been buying from you for many, many years and will happily continue to do so in the future. Thanks FOTODIASTASI for your hard work and dedication to your customers.

    We value our relationship and see a continued bright future!

    Guido Van Belle
  • For many years now we have had business together with FOTODIASTASI. A company who is working after the device of being a reliable, quality company and is also living up to it! The products we are ordering are being used in Sweden, with high demands on quality in Christmas time, our country is both rainy, windy and sometimes blessed with a lot of snow. The demands on the products being used here are very high and we really do believe that FOTODIASTASI has achieved to produce quality products to meet up to our expectations.

    Carina Goransson
  • We have been looking for strong and reliable manufacturer of Christmas illumination for huge Russian market and we found all we’d been looking for in FOTODIASTASII! Excellent quality goes together with
    professional customer service and competitive prices. It’s our second season together and we are very positive about our cooperation for many years

    Lidia Simonova
  • FOTODIASTASI is an inspiration to our clients in Southern Africa. Their superior service, extensive range of world class products and extremely competitive pricing will ensure our joint growth. Forward thinking in all aspects of the profession is what sets FOTODIASTASI apart from other manufacturers

    Jannie de Wet
    South Africa
  • For our Christmas Decoration plan 2011, we wanted something original that would produce a great impact. We had an idea of making a decoration based on a classical Christmas lighted
    landscape, composed of beautiful hanging snowflake figures, mixed with lighted garlands in cold light, together with big luminous trees. This was only possible through the huge variety
    of items offered by FOTODIASTASI. The result had a huge impact which was very welcomed and appreciated by our customers throughout our 35 Paris stores along Chile.
    We greatly appreciate your service and professionalism with product selection throughout the complete import process.
    We hope to work together during 2012 and congratulations for your new catalogue

    Peggy Olmedo
  • I work with FOTODIASTASI’s products for the last 8 years. FOTODIASTASI is the largest European company which designs and produces its own products with the
    highest quality. The company has over 300 employees and representatives all over the world. As for the quality and product breath of unique I find it refreshing
    to find such a robust and beautiful product being made in Europe at a consumer price point. Due to knowledge, high quality products and unique
    design input, FOTODIASTASI has assisted me in improving our decorative lighting solutions and increase our sales in Swedish market

    Kostas Ioannou
  • On behalf of our company in Albania, I am very glad for having the opportunity to co-operate with FOTODIASTASI. It is since year 2011 that we
    have been working with FOTODIASTASI which was approached in order to produce all Christmas Decoration for our capital city of Tirana.
    We have been extremely satisfied with the services rendered, being always performed in a
    qualitative, fast, businesslike and reliable manner

    Rafaela Rica
  • For over 10 years we are now buying from FOTODIASTASI. In these 10 years FOTODIASTASI grew as the
    main leader in the Festive illumination market. We are very satisfied about the outstanding quality
    compared to the most best prices on the market today. Also the fast delivery even in high season
    and very good service makes FOTODIASTASI a steady supplier and partner.
    Not forget to mention the staff which is always friendly and helpful with all our questions.
    FOTODIASTASI…keep up the good work!
    We look out for another 10 years in business and partnership

    Roy Bolder
  • We have had the pleasure of working with FOTODIASTASI for several years now and have found their product range and service to be outstanding. Our clients are continually looking for high impact Christmas displays
    that are cost effective and the FOTODIASTASI range is this and more. It is refreshing to work with a company that is focused on quality and providing unique Christmas solutions to the commercial market.
    We are proud to be associated with FOTODIASTASI and look forward to working together on many more exciting projects in the future

    Tim Clarkson
  • The quality of the products, the esthetic of the motifs, excellent services are the realities which everyone knows who works with FOTODIASTASI. But for me the most impressive thing is different.
    FOTODIASTASI is working with the western discipline but with the mediterranean intimacy. And this makes FOTODIASTASI the number one of illumination firm worldwide.
    And this make us a big family. FOTODIASTASI family

    Mehmed Ozfatura
  • We have been working closely with FOTODIASTASI over the last number of years. We have always found them
    to be efficient and understanding of our needs for the Irish market. Product quality and service is first class
    and their pricing structure is extremely competitive

    Paul Byrne


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